Connect people effectively with instant data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. 


Our  mission is “To provide personal data analytic service and make it more popular.”  This vision statement is based on the value of the company’s pioneering technology.  Our mission statement has the following significant components:

    • Provide a useful and affordable tools to connect with people around you instantly
    • Bring the value to the people to connect with others on the busy life
    • Provide a user friendly platform with the latest information from the people
    • Maintain sustainable revenue to the shareholders and investors
    • Innovate on the latest technology


We are born because of the belief of people connection in digital age can be accelerated through the AI adoption on individual level.

We believe immediate response is the best way to shows your concern to the one who is important to you.  With this reason, we provide the latest analytic tools with AI elements to help the users to analysis the information or messages from their social media accounts.